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Paramore - Last Hope
  • Last Hope

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    It’s just a spark
    But it’s enough to keep me going
    And when it’s dark out, no ones around
    It keeps me glowing

Actual Disney Princess Thor makes me feel safe.




and cute little woodland creatures flock to him you cannot convince me otherwise

, #Anonymous


"average female comic fan spends 3 dollars a year" factoid actualy just statistical error. average female comic fan spends 0 dollars per year. siege-loki-problems, who lives in cave & spends over $10,000 each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted


Want: AU where Loki keeps shifting into Jotun form whenever he comes into contact with cold.

Loki and Thor are both on Midgard post-Avengers, with Thor heroing with the team and Loki occasionally popping in every other week just to be a dick and remind them that he’s totes still evil.

But then Loki starts noticing his little problem.

He’ll grab ice out of the freezer for a drink, and… his fingertips turn blue.

At first it goes away on it’s own after a few seconds, but then it takes longer and longer to disappear. Then his fingers simply stay blue, like his body has forgotten how to pretend to be Aesir. No matter what he does, he can’t shake the color off.

Loki remembers what Odin had said about finding him, how he picked him up and baby Loki shifted to Aesir form. So, Loki goes running to find Thor. Naturally, he gets into a big fight with the Avengers, but in the middle of the standard yelling and hitting AKA Loki and the Avengers bitching at each other, and Thor pleading with Loki to give up evil, Loki manages to touch Thor’s skin. When he does, his Jotun coloration goes away just as he’d hoped (and Loki is overjoyed and sort of lingers touching Thor to make sure it sticks and not at all because he secretly wants to enjoy a moment of just being able to caress Thor’s stubble). And everyone is wondering what’s with the awkward pause with Loki lovingly cupping Thor’s face in his hand?? and then Loki punches Thor in the dick and runs off as usual what a little shithead.

But it keeps getting worse. Loki makes the mistake of eating ice cream and his tongue turns blue. He’s stubborn and just tries to hide it, because he refuses to seek Thor out again. He tries to just keep his mouth shut for weeks and avoid the Avengers at all costs, but he can’t find any other way to fix it so finally Loki just grabs Thor and kisses him thoroughly (and Thor doesn’t even realize why this is happening so he’s just perplexed when Loki runs off yet again like a schoolyard crush.)

These little things keep happening, but Loki quickly learns how to avoid these accidents - he avoids cold and frozen things like the plague. Then one night, Loki keeps his windows open, but the temperature drops and in the morning it’s freezing cold and Loki is blue again. All. Over.

There’s not other solution. He has to sneak into Thor’s chambers, slip into bed with him, press himself all over Thor, skin to skin, to make the charm take. Now, of course, Thor realizes what is going on, and he wants to see Loki’s Jotun form, but Loki keeps kissing them and pressing against him and distracting him. They spend a night together and then Loki quietly sneaks away in the morning, swearing to himself that he’ll find a way to never need Thor’s touch again.

Unfortunately for Loki, it’s New York, and winter sets in. The temperatures plummet, and the first snowfall comes. Loki is screwed. He’s Jotun nearly 24/7 and he absolutely hates it. He can maintain an illusion for only so long before he ends up needing Thor’s assistance again. Finally he just gives in… it’s a good excuse, at least, to have Thor’s hands all over him, daily.

Thor, of course, is rather fond of Loki’s Jotun side and sad to see it go, but he’s happy to help if it makes Loki feel better about himself, and if it means he gets to touch Loki all over. He makes up his own game for it, called kiss away the blue. It’s played using only his mouth, and Loki might intentionally step outside into the snow several times a day just to insist that Thor do it all over again.

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