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important things to consider about your otp

who pauses the movie they’re watching because i bought all this candy and you haven’t eaten near enough gummy worms so I’m gonna feed them to you

whose bed they end up in for cuddles and naps

who is really overprotective and asks if the other one is feeling okay every time they cough/sneeze

who doesn’t even know how they take their tea any more bc the other person always makes it for them

, #thor loki's thor loki #thorki


This AMAZING skit has been made tailor-made specially for me by the AMAZINGLY TALENTED Robin DeSpain :DDD

She got the idea from one of my drawings (here) and she asked me if I wanted to trade the skirt for a commission and I DID SAY FUCKING YESSS! Can’t wait for the cold to come back so I can wear it propely ^^ !!! 

If you want to contact the tailor, here’s her twitter handle.

Thank you Robin!!!!! You did a hell of a job!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3<3